Here’s Anitta’s performance for the VMA 2021

It was just a matter of time until Anitta get to VMA and that day has arrived! After conquering an international career, the Brazilian singer presented herself at the highest award in the MTV this Sunday night, 12, in New York, United States.

The artist chose the song “Girl from Rio” for a special performance, which was a joint action with the famous network of fast food, Burger King, which Anitta has already starred in an international commercial last Friday, 10. The presentation was not broadcast to Brazil. It only passed in the United States, during the commercial break.

Check out the performance video:

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Until this Sunday afternoon, it was not clear whether Anitta would sing on the main stage, make a parallel broadcast or have her face stamped in one of the show’s breaks – when the special hamburger “Larissa Machado – Anitta” would be released – as MTV had not yet issued an official statement regarding the Brazilian’s concert. But just hours before the start of the VMA, they posted the official artwork confirming the attraction on their Twitter. Check out:

Anitta made history by being the first Brazilian to perform at the VMA.

The singer already has one more chic appointment on her agenda: she will participate in the glamorous MET Gala this year, one of the biggest fashion events, in New York, scheduled for this Monday, the 13th, which will have none other than Rihanna as a hostess.

According to “State of São Paulo”, The invitation came through the stylist Alexander Burman, who climbed to Rio to join him on the red carpet. In the powerful list of Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of the magazine’s North American edition “Vogue”, only the model Gisele Bundchen, Birman and now the singer of “Girl From Rio” they are the only Brazilians on the MET Gala list.

Also according to the newspaper, Anitta “has not yet decided what she will wear for the fashion red carpet, but it is already known that she will wear an exclusive model made by Birman”.