Highlight of the Famous Show, Fiuk surprises and reveals anxiety crisis

Fiuk reported anxiety attack on Instagram Stories; actor and singer is in the Show dos Famosos (Image: Playback / Instagram)

Leader of the first phase of Show dos Famosos, shown at Domingão with Huck, fiuk has been through a difficult time recently. The actor and singer used Instagram’s Stories tool to vent about the anxiety crisis he has faced in recent days. The episode took place after his debut in the competition, featured as Amy Winehouse, last Sunday (5).

I’ll confess a little business to you too. Yesterday, it doesn’t look like it on that face, but I had a little PT, it’s been a long time since I went through that. No kidding, seriously, I had an anxiety attack, it was kind of punk, [como] I had few times in my life”, he reported. “PTzinho” is the acronym for “total loss”, an expression used in extreme situations of exhaustion / stress.

Fiuk followed in Stories, noting that he was already better. “Thank God, everything is fine and everything worked out. Let’s say it was just a little PT”, he concluded that, before the Show dos Famosos, he went through Big Brother Brasil. The heir of Fábio Jr took third place in the 2021 season of the reality show.

In the most guarded house in the country, the actor and singer showed signs of mental health problems. Fiuk faced bouts of conscience and crying. He also suffered physically, which generated comments about his appearance. The boy avoided conflicts, especially when confronted by Tiago Leifert in the “live” dynamics. More than once, he claimed he was there to get out of the cocoon.

Famous since childhood due to his father, Fiuk gained prominence when he starred in the season ID de Malhação (2009). He also acted in the special Tal Filho, Tal Pai (2010) and in the soap operas “That Beijo” (2011), Geração Brasil (2014) and A Força do Querer (2017). In addition to BBB, and now to Show dos Famousos, he participated in Super Chef Celebridades, a culinary game presented at Mais Você.

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