Honda Fit and cars that have been traded above Fipe; according to platform

BMW X1 is the most valued model with 61.1% incremental sales, Honda Fit comes in second
BMW X1 (Photo: Disclosure / BMW). Illustrative picture

The Carupi platform – dedicated to the intermediation of online vehicle sales – had a surprise. That’s right! According to company data, there was a valuation of more than 60% in cars, in the last 18 months. For example, models like BMW X1, Honda Fit, Spin, between others. Know more!

BMW X1, Honda Fit, Spin and other models are valued above the FIPE Table on the Carupi platform
Honda Fit. (Photo: Disclosure / Honda) Illustrative image

BMW X1, Honda Fit, Spin and other models are valued above the Fipe Table on the Carupi platform

A survey carried out by the platform, from April 2020 and August 2021, reveals that some models have been traded with values ​​/ performance higher than estimated and expected.

For example, Carupi points out that, in the period, the BMW X1 is the most valued model with the incremental sale of 61.1% . Then comes the Honda Fit, with an appreciation of 42.3% above the stipulated and the Fipe table.

After, then, the Chevrolet Spin – with 42.1% of sales with values ​​above Fipe. Meanwhile, the Nissan March appears with 40% appreciation. already the Hyundai Tucson, 39.1% appreciation.

Also, to complete the Top 10 on the platform, comes the Hyundai i30, with a 38.5% appreciation. Then, Nissan Kicks it’s the Jeep Compass – with sales of 38.1% and 36.4% higher than expected, respectively.

Finally. the cars that exceed the values ​​in the Fipe Table were also: Renault Duster (35.7%) and Ford Fusion (33.3%).

2021 cars
Chevrolet Spin (Photo: Disclosure / Chevrolet). Illustrative picture

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Japanese brands are preferred by Brazilians

Thus, it is noted that the most valued cars on the platform are those from Japanese automakers. In this case, the Honda and the Nissan. In addition, the Korean Hyundai. Carupi’s data reveal part of the favoritism of these brands in Brazil.

“The restrictive measures to contain Covid-19 impacted several sectors, including the automotive sector, when at least 10 automakers halted their production, impacting and bringing better opportunities for the used car market, as new ones were in short supply”, comments the Communication director at Carupi, Gustavo Braga.

note that the most valued cars on the platform are those from Japanese automakers.  In this case, Honda, Nissan and the Korean Hyundai
Nissan March (Photo: Disclosure / Nissan). Ilustrative Photo

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Top 10 of the most valued cars on the platform

  1. BMW X1 – 61.1%
  2. Honda Fit – 42.3%
  3. Chevrolet Spin – 42.1%
  4. Nissan March – 40%
  5. Hyundai Tucson – 39.1%
  6. Hyundai i30 – 38.5%
  7. Nissan Kicks – 38.1%
  8. Jeep Compass – 36.4%
  9. Renault Duster – 35.7%
  10. Ford Fusion – 33.3%
Honda Fit and other cars are being traded above FIPE
Photo: hornbeam
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