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Israel (Petrônio Gontijo) will be frightened by a request from Judah (Thiago Rodrigues) in Genesis. Taken by the guilt of having sold Joseph (Juliano Laham) as a slave, the Hebrew will decide to leave his father’s camp. The veteran will be hurt and deny the wish: “I couldn’t bear to lose another child,” he’ll say.

The one chosen by God (Flávio Galvão) will see another heir go this thursday (16) in the biblical booklet. Judah can no longer bear to live on his father’s land because he knows the truth about Joseph’s whereabouts. He will make his decision after discovering that Israel intends to make him their firstborn.

“You’re not going anywhere. You can put that idea out of your head,” the patriarch will say, surprised. The young man will insist that he is not prepared to succeed the veteran: “What conditions do I have to do what you expect of me? What guarantee do you have that I will be a good leader?” he will remember.

Annoyed, the character will believe that his son wants to leave because of his decision: “Don’t you want the position I’m offering you? Is that it?”, he will question, hurt. The boy will swallow hard and lie to his father.

“That’s not it… But I’m not prepared to take on such a big responsibility. You’ve achieved everything you’ve achieved, alone, without the help of your father or your family. You left home with nothing, but look at Mr. today…”, will justify Judah.

“I had God’s help,” Israel will recall gratefully. The character played by Thiago Rodrigues will feel even more guilty and will give reasons to leave the camp without committing himself:

Yes… But the fact is, you didn’t get everything you got. Had to conquer. All I’m asking for is the chance to be able to do the same, to prove to myself that I can take responsibility for you one day. Not because I received it as an inheritance, not because I got it for free… But because I fought and won for myself the right to such a privilege.

The patriarch will be impressed by his son’s maturity, but will forbid him to leave. “I could not bear to lose another child, even for a short period of time. So my answer is no,” he will determine.

With no way out, the boy will nod and be content with Israel’s decision. Judah, however, will manage to convince the character in the next chapters of Genesis and will bid farewell to the Hebrew camp.

Judah will have to convince the father

Week Summary

Monday, 13/9 (Chapter 170)
José is forced to change his look. Asenate reveals the truth to Selemina. Israel is surprised by Judah’s request as an invention of Joseph prospers.

Tuesday, 9/14 (Chapter 171)
José and Abumani are relieved by Issad’s attitude. Potiphar crosses Joseph’s path. Asenate vents to Herit and Nepheriades is introduced to Joseph.

Wednesday, 9/15 (Chapter 172)
Joseph suffers from the memory of his brothers. Amarilis is annoyed with Kamesha. Zilpah advises Israel and he authorizes Judah to follow a new path. Joseph and Asenate meet.

Thursday, 9/16 (Chapter 173)
Sheshi tries to save a loved one. Judah leaves the camp. In the palace, Joseph’s efforts draw attention.

Friday, 9/17 (Chapter 174)
Judah is received by Hirah. Asenate hatches a plan to see Joseph again. Hirah makes a deal with Judah.

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