“I felt something was coming”

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen crash: Red Bull’s car stays over Mercedes’ (Video: F1)

Daniel Ricciardo’s day has arrived. The Australian ended a long fast in Formula 1 by winning the Italian GP this Sunday (12), leading an unexpected one-two for McLaren. Ricciardo couldn’t predict how things were going so well, but he says: he already imagined that good things were to come after the August vacation.

“It’s about time,” said Ricciardo. “Things went well yesterday, but not even with a good start we were sure we would be able to lead the race. We didn’t have incredible speed, but it was enough to hold Max [Verstappen]”, followed.

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Daniel Ricciardo had a brilliant Sunday at this incredible Italian GP (Photo: McLaren)

“I was feeling something on Friday, that something was coming. The August vacation was a good one to reset. I’ve felt good these past three weekends, and making a double is something insane. A McLaren victory is incredible, but a one-two is better”, he highlighted.

Ricciardo took the lead at the start. The Australian managed to hold Max Verstappen, who showed no signs of reaction. Verstappen’s accident with Lewis Hamilton shook the race and made life easier for McLaren. Is that, in addition to Daniel in first, the team also had Lando Norris in first.

This is Ricciardo’s eighth win in F1, the first since Monaco in 2018, still with Red Bull. McLaren’s fast was even greater, coming since the 2012 Brazilian GP, ​​with Jenson Button’s victory.

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