In the debut of Tiago Nunes, Ceará loses to Grêmio for Serie A

In the debut of Tiago Nunes, Ceará was defeated by Grêmio-RS by 2-0 this Sunday, 12, for the 20th round of Serie A of the Brazilian Championship. Imortal’s goals were scored at 42 minutes, with Diego Souza, and at 45 minutes, with Ferreira, both in the first half.

With the result, Grandpa remains as the only team that has not won away from home in the competition and reaches the sequence of five matches without a victory, remaining in 11th place, with 24 points. Alvinegro, which has a game less in the table, can be overtaken by Internacional (12th) and São Paulo (16th), who are still playing in the round. Grêmio-RS rose one position, going to 18th place, with 19 points.

The team led by Tiago Nunes returns to the field next Saturday, 18, to face Santos-SP, at Arena Castelão, at 9 pm. Grêmio-RS plays against Flamengo, on Sunday, 19, at Maracanã, Rio de Janeiro (RJ), at 20:30.

The game

The match started balanced, with the two teams advancing their marking lines to pressure the opponent’s ball out. With that, the first 15 minutes were of a lot of dispute for the ball, but few real chances of goal.

After 20 minutes, Grêmio began to have more game volume and put pressure on Grandpa, who found it very difficult to get out of their defense due to the excess of wrong passes. The immortal explored the spaces in the middle to risk kicks.

And it was in one of those submissions that, at 23 minutes, Grêmio had the first big chance of the match. Diego Souza adjusts for Ferreira, who dominates at the edge of the area and kicks hard for goalkeeper Richard’s great defense. From then on, Immortal began to pressure Grandpa, who found it very difficult to get out of his defense due to the excess of wrong passes.

At 30 minutes, Ceará grew again in the match. Grandpa tried to break through the Grêmio defense, but without success. When Alvinegro was better in the match, however, Grêmio scored two goals in a row. Diego Souza, free in the small area, headed in the 42nd minute, and Ferreira, in the 45th minute, in a cross kick, put Immortal ahead.

Ceará returned to the final stage looking for a draw, but with little offensive creativity. Tiago Nunes’ team sinned in passing errors and couldn’t break Grêmio’s marking to finish in Gabriel Chapecó’s goal.

Grêmio, in turn, adopted a more defensive posture, aiming to exploit counterattacks. Comfortable in the match, as Ceará took little danger — Grandpa only submitted it once correctly in the goal, in the 46th minute with Erick —, and with the 2-0 lead, the Gauchos reduced the intensity and managed the score, which remained unchanged in the second half.

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