Invited, Gretchen reveals reason not to return to ‘The Farm’

Gretchen Miranda, 62, was one of the most outstanding participants in “The Farm”. His passage through the rural reality show had everything, fights, crying and even giving up. With another season about to debut, the eternal Rainha do Rebolado revealed that she was already invited to return to the program, but did not accept.

“I’ve already received invitations, but I prefer it to be a single participation. There is no way to make a new ‘Farm’ and things are the same. I prefer that everyone keep that image”, she declared, in an interview with Jovem Pan.

“The participation was unique, historic and will remain forever because I am very much me and when I gave up it was for what I believe. I don’t regret it at all, I think I left at the right time and I was motivated by concern for my children. They are first and there is no money to make up my mind. I never imagined my participation would be so successful, but I knew that when people got to know me, they would discover a new Gretchen,” he continued.

Asked if she would accept to participate in “Big Brother Brasil”, the artist pondered. “I don’t know, it’s something I would think about the moment it happens.”

Visa problems

Andressa Miranda showed family reunited on social networks - Reproduction/Instagram @andressaferreiramiranda - Reproduction/Instagram @andressaferreiramiranda

Andressa Miranda showed family reunited on social media

Image: Reproduction/Instagram @andressaferreiramiranda

Banned from stepping foot in the United States for nearly 10 years, Gretchen recently decided to appeal to President Joe Biden to lift her ban from the country. She is accused of working illegally in a cafeteria on US territory.

The artist’s interest in the visa, in addition to being able to carry out professional work, is to be able to exercise her role as a grandmother without borders. “I have no intention of living in the United States, I wanted a visa to go for a walk with my children, my grandson [Bento, filho de Thammy] is American, so I believe he would love to be with me there at times, that’s just why. I also wanted a visa in case a job opportunity arises. Katy Perry, for example, called me [em 2017] to make the official Swish Swish video. I didn’t do anything wrong, I didn’t kill anyone and I didn’t commit any crime,” he pointed out.