Ironically, Neymar trades barbs with Patricia Pillar on the web

After Patricia Pillar had harshly criticized Neymar on social media, the football player decided not to let it go, and the actress responded. It all started when the actress declared that she was disappointed with the star’s behavior and statements after the match between Brazil and Peru, on Tuesday (9/9). With irony, the athlete wrote, at dawn this Monday (13/9): “I have to stop scoring now”.

On Twitter, Patricia said: “Neymar disappoints me more every day”. In the match, the striker scored a goal, gave assistance to another, but got a yellow card for complaint and will be out of the next game of the selection in the Qualifiers.


The actress also explained why she considered the statement regrettable. “Pelé is in the hospital, it wasn’t time,” she said.

On August 31, the former athlete was hospitalized in São Paulo and underwent surgery to remove a tumor. Pelé’s state is stable, but he remains under observation in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Zélia Duncan also criticizes the player

It wasn’t just Patricia Pillar who was unhappy with Neymar. Singer Zélia Duncan also used Twitter to give her opinion about the PSG star, as he complained after the game, saying he did not receive the respect he deserves from Brazilian fans.

“I’m not a football player, but Neymar seems to me so far a promise as an athlete and a disappointment as a citizen. Want respect? Give yourself to him and show him service. Oh, and pay your taxes”, declared the artist.

Soon after, she shared a post with the message: “Wow, guys, so Neymar thinks he’s not respected as he should? Someone out there tells him it never will. Respect is something you earn and anyone who knocks on the door in his thirties with the behavior of a tomboy has lost any chance of getting there”.