Is it possible to start a company with a “dirty name”?

In times of pandemic with many layoffs and people having to reinvent themselves, the possibility of opening a new business has increased a lot. However, what to do if the name has already ended up in credit protection agencies? Is it possible for a company in this situation?

The answer is yes. Despite bringing difficulties in accessing credit and using various banking services, a person can still start a business with a dirty name. There are different models and sizes of companies, and none prohibits the creation by people with restrictions on their name.

These are different situations. Both apply restrictions to citizens as Individuals, as having an irregular CPF brings more serious consequences, including the impossibility of participating in public tenders and the impossibility of opening their own business.

When a person has a negative name, he owes it to the company from whom he purchased the consumer good, and may be charged by professionals for solving this type of problem. In the case of irregularity in the CPF situation, the issue is more comprehensive, and may even cause the suspension or cancellation of the Individual Taxpayer Registration.

Some of the reasons for having an irregular CPF are: failing to submit any Income Tax Declaration in the last 5 years, loss or theft of documents, failing to vote and not regularizing the voter registration card, among others.

What difficulties can be faced?

It is possible to start a company even with a dirty name. However, one of the biggest difficulties will be obtaining credit, but, in addition, everything will depend on the type of the company and its legal nature, which interferes in the division between the assets of the Legal Entity and the Individual.

If, in your case, your name is negative and you are thinking about opening a company, the best way to make the right decision to protect the assets of the new business and not mix with your personal accounts during this process is relying on the help of an accountant. This will be able to analyze and identify which type of company is the most recommended.

Another problem that entrepreneurs with a dirty name may face, especially when we talk about the Individual Microentrepreneur (MEI) is the low reputation as a consumer in the market, because in addition to credit restriction, the dirty name ends up decreasing a value known as score, weighted average of credit protection systems.

But what does it mean? I mean that the smaller the score of the entrepreneur, the greater are the chances that he will not honor his debts. Increasing this value is slow and requires a series of adjustments in financial life depending on the starting point.

As we read in the text above, it is possible to open a new business even with a dirty name. But as there are limitations, cleaning it ends up being a very important practice in the opening process.

It is important to check the status of your CPF on the SPC and Serasa websites. They can be accessed via the internet. If there is any pending, it is important to try to resolve it so that you can expand your business and prosper more quickly.