Judge files another case against Lula, for lack of just cause

Due to the absence of just cause and the prescription of punitive claims, the 9th Federal Court of São Paulo accepted a request from the defense of former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva to determine the suspension of an investigation of international influence peddling and active corruption in a commercial transaction International.

For lack of just cause, inquiry against former president Lula is filed
Ricardo Stuckert – Disclosure

The investigation on screen was initiated from the award-winning denunciation of Leo Pinheiro. According to him, Lula would have been hired by OAS to promote a lecture in Costa Rica in order to influence that country’s leaders to do business with the construction company.

According to the defense of the former president, made by the lawyers Cristiano Zanin Martins and Valeska TZ Martins, no person heard by the Federal Police confirmed the version presented by Leo Pinheiro at the time of his winning statement. The executive himself denied any payment of undue advantage to Lula in a new statement.

Federal judge Maria Carolina Akel Ayoub upheld the absence of just cause for the continuation of the investigations, since the statute of limitations for the State’s punitive claim elapsed. All crimes have a statute of limitations of 12 years; as Lula is over 70 years old, the term is now six years, he explained.

More than six years elapsed between the date of the facts and the present moment, the magistrate declared the punishment of the former president extinguished and ordered the investigation to be closed.

For Lula’s defense, the shelving of the 19th investigative procedure filed against him, based on unfounded accusations, confirms that the former president was a victim of lawfare. It also reveals that the “lava lato” challenged the rule of law by promoting award-winning denunciations known to be unreasonable with the clear objective of reaching and annihilating pre-defined targets.

“Of the avalanche of lawsuits filed against Lula, only one remains open — relating to the case of fighters — in which we have already filed a request for filing after having demonstrated that it was built by ‘jet wash’ with the full knowledge that the former president had not committed any illegal act,” they state.