Justice condemns deputy from Pocket to pay R$ 50 thousand to Alexandre de Moraes

the federal deputy Otoni of Paula (PSC-RJ) was sentenced by the São Paulo Court of Justice to pay an indemnity of R$ 50 thousand to the Minister of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) Alexandre de Moraes. The information is from Uol.

In the action, the minister asked for compensation of R$ 200,000 for moral damages after the congressman published a video on social networks calling Moraes “STF sewer”, “tyrant”, “garbage”, “egg head” and “piss head” ”. The recordings were published between the months of June and July 2020.

During the process, Otoni claimed that, “as a representative of the people, he expressed in his videos popular opinions that the people claim.” Otoni’s defense also stated that since he is a federal deputy, his statements are protected by parliamentary immunity.

For the judges who tried the case, parliamentary immunity is not absolute, being inapplicable for crimes against honor committed in a situation that is not related to the exercise of the mandate.

In the decision, the magistrates upheld the conviction determined by the lower court, only reducing the amount of indemnity from R$ 70 thousand to R$ 50 thousand. The deputy can still appeal.

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