Larissa Manoela, in a short dress, rolls with André Luiz Frambach

Couple doesn’t label relationship: ‘It’s not dating or just friendship’

Even not hiding the relationship anymore, Larissa Manoela and André Luiz Frambach do not want to label the relationship at the moment. In conversation with “Uol”, he explained their decision about the relationship.

“It’s something very personal. I know that because we are public figures and because Larissa is involved, people talk about it. We’re single, we’re living, we bump and we let each other know more. It’s not dating, not just friendship,” he explained to “Uol “.

André Luiz Frambach reacts to rumors that he betrayed his ex

When rumors of romance with Larissa Manoela surfaced, some fans believed that André Luiz had been unfaithful to his ex, Rayssa Bratielli. In a post from a fan club dedicated to the former couple, the actor denied it. “I can guarantee with an open heart and with all the love that lives and that I have inside me, that there has never been any disrespect for someone who has been by my side for so many years, or betrayal,” he assured.

“But when we’re single we can go ahead and live what we have to live. As we said. The affection, admiration and respect has always existed and will always exist, but being a single person today nothing prevents me from living and doing what I want do!” concluded André Luiz.