Leifert has nothing against Globo. Just want to take a break from TV – Prism

From the moment Globo released the statement, informing the departure of Tiago Leifert at the end of this year, speculations about his next destination have already started.

He himself, almost at the same time, to those closest to him, made a point of clarifying the reasons for his decision, the decision to change his life, something that matured over time and with absolute transparency.

And, as he also made very clear, this had been discussed with Globo since the second half of last year.

It’s a way out without scolding, through the same door he entered more than 16 years ago, and from a place he’s always liked to work.

Tiago, whom I know well, is not simply leaving Globo, but taking a break from television, preferring at this point in his life to prioritize other things, especially his family.

In professional terms, nothing has been adjusted or discussed about the future, but in private there is already a commitment to absolute vacations, complete disappearance from the piece until March or April, immediately after “The Voice” that is coming, as a farewell job.

only difference

Just like Tiago Leifert, who after announcing his departure will still have the opportunity to say goodbye to “The Voice”, the same could very well have happened to Fausto Silva, after 33 years of “Domingão”.

But not. Too bad it wasn’t like that.

For another

At Globo, everything is moving towards the names of people, men and women, disappearing from their titles. The program title will have to be more important.

Only Pedro Bial, Luciano Huck and Fátima Bernardes continue to resist.

world secret

The geographic placement of this note has nothing to do with the previous subject. Work of chance. It’s not about no one plus one. Netflix is ​​starting production on a reality show that should hit the world.

What is said is that, as an idea, there has never been anything like it. Search.


There is this talk that Netflix may use old scripts to produce soap operas. Very strange.

In Brazil, for example, there are dozens of professionals, including authors and directors, who could very well offer unpublished works.

Heads up

Here, in this sacred space, it was said that Bandeirantes is preparing a meeting with the market, on the 28th, to present its 2022 schedule.

Preparations continue, but now it will be on October 5th. Subject to confirmations.

In question

In Band, for 2022, the great mystery involves the post-Faustão. What programming will be aired immediately after Fausto Silva’s program?

Question that only the “super (Antonio) Zimmerle” can answer.


If the natural order is obeyed, this will be the last week of recordings of “Genesis” at Casablanca studios in Rio de Janeiro.

All arranged for the closing next Wednesday. In the air, the Joseph phase of Egypt is still a long way off.

lose sight

Glória Perez was one of the hardest hit on Globo by the “damage” of the pandemic in the line for telenovelas at 9 pm. Her last work, “A Força do Querer”, was aired between April and October 2017.

And now, to start the production of “Travessia”, she will still have to wait for the end of “Império”, the screening of “Um Lugar ao Sol”, a remake of “Pantanal” and “Olho por Olho”. It has a floor.

In progress

The two “MasterChef” specials, movies and programming for New Year’s Eve, with journalistic coverage, in addition to the traditional retrospectives, are the products officially guaranteed in the Band’s year-end schedule.

But that could still present some surprises.

The Farm 13

Today there is the premiere of “A Fazenda13” on Record. Presentation by Rodrigo Faro, with the participation of Adriane Galisteu direct from Itapecerica da Serra. Surprises are promised.

Among them, for sure, the revelation of one more participant.


“A Praça é Nossa”, on SBT, begins to move to face the new season of “A Fazenda” on Record.

As a proposal, special guest appearances, such as the one recorded by Dedé Santana. “Praça” which had the return of director Marcelo de Nóbrega.

There was no betrayal

Pyong Lee’s marriage to Sammy Lee, as with others, may be in turmoil, going through a rough patch. But first of all, it is worth making clear that he was not the protagonist of any case of betrayal in “Ilha Record”.

Sammy even had access to the raw material and saw that nothing happened between him and the participant Antonella.

Hits – Hits

• Carlos Lombardi and Casa Aguinaldo Silva de Artes continue with online script courses…

• … Given the facility, among the regulars, some from Portugal.

• Globo has scheduled a special for the 1st of October, as part of the “Falas” project, in commemoration of the Day of the Elderly…

• … The program’s setting refers to the balcony of Brazilian houses, where the characters exchange experiences in a relaxed and intimate conversation circle.

• The filming of the comedy “Barraco de Família”, written by Emílio Boechat and directed by Maurício Eça, with release next year has been concluded…

• … In the cast, Cacau Protásio, Eduardo Silva, Sandra de Sá, Alessandra “Lellê” Landim, Jeniffer Nascimento, Nany People, Yuri Marçal and Robson Nunes…

• … There will be a lot of music and a guest appearance by Pericles.

• “Malhação – I want to be happy”, a project by the brothers Eduardo and Marcos Carvalho, who came from a community in Rio, is advancing on Globo.

• On Friday, Amilcare Dallevo Neto, on behalf of the direction of Rede TV!, thanked the employees who continued to work normally, especially journalists…

• … But he also announced that those who joined the strike will not be kept on the station’s staff.

• SBT is very optimistic about the next soap opera, “Poliana Moça”…

• … So much so that the first externals will be recorded later this week.

Very sad

At the end of this last week, Band reported the death of 45-year-old film reporter Ronaldo das Graças de Carvalho.

After carrying out his work, he was returning by motorcycle to the station’s headquarters, in Morumbi, when he suffered a fatal accident, which also involved a truck at km 58 on the Anchieta Highway.