Léo Santana and Lore Improta talk about whether their baby was born and show a photo

Singer Léo Santana and dancer Lorena Improta are waiting for the arrival of their daughter

The singer Leo Santana and the dancer Lorena Improta can become daddies at any time! This is because Lorena is already nine months pregnant with a girl who will be called Liz. And little Liz can be born now. Lorena then showed a photo and told if little Liz was born.

She showed a photo of her belly in the final stretch of pregnancy and then explained that Liz is not yet born. “Enjoying the last few days on a big belly,” she said. Lorena Improta continued and stated: “Hello my people! Calm down, I haven’t given up yet! There! The other one is kicking my rib! This final straight is a sleep, a lack of breath … ruffles, ruffles! Then I stay in bed longer”.

the wife of Leo Santana then explained why he still doesn’t want Liz to be born. “But I don’t want Liz to be born now because I want her room to be ready, I’m holding the ends! It’s not all ready yet…80% people, there’s still some things to go…some details are still to be finalized so I can organize her clothes and other things”, she said.

Lorena Improta answered some more questions from internet users. A netizen asked about Lorena’s maternity leave. “Will you continue recording choreographies when Luz is born? Or do you want to take a break?”, asked an internet user. And Lorena explained: “My return with dancing I’ll only know when Liz is born…I’m not programming anything, I want when Liz is born that I make these decisions”.

Another internet user asked about Liz’s birth: “Do you have a right day for Liz to be born?”. And the dancer explained: “A lot of people asking when Liz is born, I don’t know! She can arrive at any time because I want a normal delivery, I haven’t scheduled a cesarean. I will only do a cesarean if it is really necessary, but God willing, it will be normal”.

One netizen asked, “Have you ever felt those training contractions?” And Lorena said: “I thought I wasn’t having it, but yesterday when I got the ultrasound my stomach was very tight and my doctor said: ‘you’re having a training contraction.’ And then I said: ‘but I don’t feel anything, just my hard stomach’. And she said: ‘yeah, there are women who don’t feel pain’. And I said: ‘keep it that way!’”.

Lorena Improta explained why she is Leo Santana they won’t bathe your baby in the maternity ward. “Liz’s pediatrician prefers that she bathe at home because of the vernix, she says that the longer the child stays with the vernix in the body, it protects against allergy, a lot of things on the skin so let’s leave as much as possible and let’s take it bath only at home,” she explained.

Finally, Lorena said that she and Léo intend to hire a nanny, but they still don’t have a date set for that. “Is Liz going to have a babysitter?” asked a netizen. And Lorena said: “It’s just me and Léo and Zeni takes care of the house. As much as my mother and mother-in-law help us, they don’t live here right. So we are seeing a nanny yes to help me, give me a help. For moms who might have it, I think it’s important. But we are still seeing when the nanny will arrive because Léo and I want this experience, this contact with the liz of waking up at dawn, changing diapers, so we will have a nanny, but we have to see when she will enter”.

Lorena Improta about to give birth to her daughter with Léo Santana

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