Live broadcast of Fortaleza x Atlético-MG by Serie A; follow narration

After another stumbling block by Ceará away from home, in the 2-0 defeat by Grêmio-RS, this Sunday morning, 12, in Porto Alegre, for the 20th round of Serie A, defender Luiz Otávio lamented, but cited lessons learned for the sequence of the season and designed the evolution of the team under the command of coach Tiago Nunes.

In the first match under the new coach’s baton, Alvinegro could not hold back Tricolor’s onslaught and neither took any danger to the opposing goal. At the end of the first half, Diego Souza and Ferreira scored the goals that decreed the score at Arena do Grêmio.

“We could already put some things into practice, but unfortunately, we started slowly in the first half. When it was starting to balance the game, we ended up taking the goals. In the second half, we even came back wanting to propose more, but lacked effectiveness and be more forceful when playing and working the ball. Grêmio was closed in the second half because they had the advantage on the scoreboard. Unfortunately, we couldn’t finish more to take more danger to the opponent’s goal and leave here defeated, but with lessons learned. Tiago is starting a very good job, and I’m sure we’ll work harder and harder to seek victory,” said Luiz Otávio in an interview with Premiere.

The duel in the South was Grandpa’s tenth commitment away from home in the current edition of Brasileirão. There were six draws and four defeats, with a 20% advantage, which makes Porangabuçu’s team the worst visitor in the competition and the only one not to win outside their own domains.

“We haven’t won away from home yet and we know we need to score always, thinking about it in every game. Unfortunately today (Sunday) it didn’t work, now it’s working for the next game”, said shirt 13. “Each game is a A different opportunity. This one doesn’t come back anymore, there’s no basis for complaining all the time. It’s just to keep working. We already have the next game, now we focus on it as much as possible to get the three points. In the next away matches , we have to score and try to win at all costs. Tiago will correct it, he knows what we need to do and will talk to us for the next games,” pondered Luiz Otávio.

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