Luan Santana shows off muscular body in pool and fans freak out: “What a man”

Proving that he is in great shape, Luan Santana recorded his Sunday (12/9) at the pool accompanied by beer and lots of sun. The web, of course, didn’t let the country singer’s great physique go unchallenged. The 30-year-old artist has been training for some time and is in good shape. The photo, published on Instagram, stopped the web and already has 803 thousand likes. It’s hit after hit!

Artists did not fail to comment on the singer’s healed body: “Caraioo, it’s a monster,” said singer Vitor Kley. “Is it Popeye? hahaha linduuu”, asked artist Thayná Bitencourt. Celso Portiolli also left a super relaxed comment: “Your arm swallowed a hamburger. The boy is strong”.

The fans, of course, also went wild: “I died but I’m fine”, said an admirer. And there was even an indecent proposal: “What a nice arm, I would sit on it”, said a fan. But, the suggestion will stop there. For those who don’t remember, Luan Santana assumed to be dating in a fan meeting last week (5/9). The column LeoDias had already published that the possible lucky one is the model Izabela Cunha, with whom Luan has already been caught in some meetings since the beginning of the year. So far, the relationship between the two has not been confirmed.