Luciano Huck uses Domingão to make merchandising himself and sell books · TV News

Luciano Huck’s insistence on getting people to buy his book has already gone beyond common sense. After making a via crucis for several Globo programs with the aim of publicizing his work, he used Domingão for the second consecutive week to give “a tip for reading”.

Both in his debut last week and this Sunday (12), he used the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? to nominate his book, released in August, saying it could be found on his program’s board sponsor’s app.

You know when you walk into a store willing to buy a piece of clothing, but the salesperson insists on making you take something else for a much higher price, just to help you hit the sales target for the day? Huck has done this, but with a window much larger than a simple mall store.

And seeing the despair of Angélica’s husband in trying to get his book up to speed, comparisons with Fausto Silva, former owner of Domingão, become inevitable. As Chico Barney, columnist for UOL, on Twitter, pointed out, Faustão used the program to promote third-party books.

What explains the presenter’s urge to use the space on Domingão to promote himself: ego or desperation to turn his book into a best seller? So far, the publication has not appeared on any of the country’s best sellers list.

He tries to convince the reading of De Porta em Porta as follows: “It’s a book I wrote during the pandemic. From the door to the inside were reflections and lessons learned in the family. There were many stories that we shared together as a family and learning. Out door is a little thinking about how this post-pandemic world will be in topics such as education, health, technology”.

After a much criticized debut in front of Domingão, Luciano Huck should be more concerned about trying to convince the public that he is worthy of the position he occupies. For the time being, it’s still lacking.