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At Famous in Apuros, Luiza Ambiel panicked when she saw a crab inside the mangrove swamp. In this Sunday’s episode (12), the star of the Gugu Bathtub confused the animal with a spider and, due to his phobia, he despaired of the image. Adriana Bombom and Li Martins tried to calm their confinement colleague, but she remained terrified.

“It was very similar to a spider. There, without glasses, when I saw it, because I almost caught it [o caranguejo] because it was close. When he climbed like that, I thought: ‘It’s not possible, a crab wouldn’t climb a tree at this rate’. I saw that I was little and black, so I said: ‘It’s the crab,'” reported Luiza to Rodrigo Faro, presenter of the reality show.

In this episode, the famous had to collect crabs in a mangrove located on the coast of São Paulo. During the activity, Luiza despaired of the scene and began to scream while she was dirty with mud.

Even with the moment of panic, Luiza was the famous one who managed to collect the greatest number of crabs: nine. Li took five units and Adriana only three.

At the attraction, the famous are vying for a prize of R$30,000, which will be defined by the public in a vote on R7.

Check out the video with Luiza Ambiel’s moment of despair:

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