Luxa says that PBH wanted to privilege Atlético and admits that Cruzeiro can stay in Sete Lagoas – Sports

Last Thursday (9), two days before the game between Cruzeiro and Ponte Preta, at Arena do Jacaré, the City Hall of Belo Horizonte released the presence of fans in games in stadiums in the capital of Minas Gerais. A situation that did not change Raposa’s schedule of acting in Sete Lagoas, but that did not go unnoticed by Vanderlei Luxemburgo.

After the 1-0 triumph over Macaca, the coach hinted that PBH’s decision was made to “privilege the other”, in this case, Atlético.

“Football is full of artifices and tricks that are put into practice and underestimate people’s intelligence. This release for fans at Mineirão, where there was not enough time for us to change the (location) of the game, is strategy, cleverness; a series of things in football. A procedure that happens routinely with intelligence,” he said.

“I understand that politics enters into football and helps to do that. I don’t criticize anyone, everyone does it the way they have to, but that should be left out. Whoever has to win wins, plays well, plays poorly… ‘Ah, they released it on Thursday’. What’s up? What did it do? Who will be privileged is someone else (Atletico), not us (Cruzeiro). We’re going to play here (in Arena do Jacaré), because you can’t change (stadium) for ten days,” he added.

Bruno Haddad/Cruise


6 to 1

At the same press conference, he acknowledged that maybe Fox does not need to return to Mineirão in this Series B. And he took the opportunity to snipe Atlético in the comment.

“We’ll have time to recover the pitch. A conversation I’ll have with the president (Sérgio Santos Rodrigues). They released Mineirão so we can play there. And suddenly here it could be our home instead of Mineirão. Until the 6th 1 against Atlético (in 2011), when Cruzeiro didn’t fall, it was here (Cruzeiro’s home). Then suddenly they will release (fans), and we don’t need to go there (Mineirão). A discussion that has to exist, people understand that we are not idiots. A well thought-out thing,” he said.

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