Machine hit grows in 2021; see how to protect yourself

One of the most applied scams in 2021 is the card machine. Know how it works and understand how not to fall for the scam.

In fact, scams are occurring much more often. One of the most applied is the machine. According to data from Procon, the increase in scams using the card machine increased about 160% in 2021, with a view to last year.

It’s a scam that demands a lot of agility from the swindlers. People tend to buy more through sales apps, mainly because of the health crisis imposed by the coronavirus. The delivery person convinces the customer to do the off-platform payment, always claiming an extra fee or the like.

A second person contacts the customer, posing as an employee of the company. When the supposed delivery person arrives for the customer to make the payment, the machine presents a “defect”. The criminal then shows proof via cell phone. But, in fact, the amount paid is higher and it disappears after harming the victim.

Tips to avoid falling into the machine scam

Procon SP advises you to take some measures that are effective to avoid falling victim to the machine scam. Among these measures, it is advisable do not make payments off the platform. The company will rarely ask for any such transaction to be made. Always refuse payment when the machine screen is defective.

It is also advisable to be wary of the seller who requires an extra fee for delivery of the purchased product. Companies usually already make the delivery included in the purchase through the application. In case of being the victim of a scam, it is possible to file the complaint through the website or application of Procon in your state.