Managers from Manaus and Botafogo-PB take the punch after a decisive match in Serie C; video | brazilian series c

Images even show that the now adviser and former president of Belo, Guilherme Novinho, slaps the Manaus football director, Giovanni Miranda, in the face. Until this moment, the delegations discussed verbally.

That’s when the exchange of barbs, which until then was verbal, but already hot, turned into brawling. Miranda reacted to the slap. The executive director of the team from Paraíba, Francisco Sales, who is Novinho’s son, intervened, and both even exchanged punches.

The referee of the match, Thiago Luis Scarascati, reported the entire episode – or at least the parts caught by the arbitration – in the game’s summary. In the complaint, Thiago says that he had already had to remove the vice-president of Manaus, Giovanni Silva, father of Giovanni Miranda, from the stands because of insane claims against arbitration.

See the report in the summary:

Summary of Manaus x Botafogo-PB — Photo: Reproduction/CBF

“At 30 minutes into the second half, Mr Giovanni Alves da Silva, vice president of Manaus FC (identified by the match delegate), was removed from the stands because he was shouting at the referee’s decisions.

After the end of the match, mr. Francis de Sales p. Neto, supervisor of the Botafogo FC team, entered the playing field through a ladder to the stands and started a verbal discussion with Mr Giovanni Miranda Filho, football director of the Manaus FC team, who had also entered the playing field by same access ladder to the bleachers. This discussion sparked widespread confusion.

I also highlight that managers of both teams and athletes from the Manaus FC team tried to prevent the confusion from continuing, with the exception of athlete number 9, mr. Rafhael Lucas Oliveira da Silva (see report on expulsions). I further inform that when the refereeing team left the playing field, accredited people, but not identified and who occupied the space destined for the Manaus team in the stands, gestured and protested towards the refereeing team.”

The weather started hot even before kick-off. involved in the confusion, Franciso Sales said that the delegation from Paraíba was received with stones by fans from Manaus when arriving at Colina. See the video below.

We arrived at the stadium totally abandoned in the middle of the Manaus fans, who threw rocks, bombs, slaps, and we, cornered and without any security, where the worst could have happened, thanks to God, it was material damage to the bus. At the end of the match, a member of the Manaus board attacked the member of our delegation, which caused all the confusion in the end.”

— Franciso Sales, executive director of Botafogo-PB

– In the midst of the confusion, when the group came to leave it, the athlete Raphael Lucas cowardly kicked me in the leg. After more than that, on the way out, the shock gave our delegation a guardhouse. To finish, when we made the contour, we had another shower of stones – said the leader from Paraíba.

Sought out by the report, the Gavião football director, Giovanni Miranda, who was also one of those involved in the fight, said that both Sales and counselor Guilherme Novinho were, from the beginning, trying to pick a fight in the stands. Miranda also said that the climate warmed up when Sales would have called Manaus a team of m*.

When the game was over, two of them (Francisco Sales and Guilherme Novinho) talked about the shit team and pointed it in my face. I asked for respect, and Guilherme Novinho put his hand in my face. Then his son came at me, from the beginning they were at the entrance excited.”

— Giovanni Miranda, Manaus football director

– Let’s make a repudiation note. They have had no respect for anyone here since their arrival. It was always both. They gave us the finger, moving all the time. The game is over, it’s over, no one has to curse anyone. They had the same behavior there. We never had that. It was just the two of them. We were always friendly. They gave CT, so did we – he concluded.

If the extrafield was hot, within the four lines, the game was warm and ended in a draw 0-0. Manaus maintained the lead in the bracket, with 25 points, while Belo also remained in the G-4, in fourth place, with 23 .