Marcos Mion makes an unusual revelation involving Juliette and makes a bold request to her fans

Marcos Mion
Marcos Mion spoke about the ex-BBB during the painting of Caldeirão (Image: Reproduction / Globo)

Marcos Mion gave something to talk about during the frame This to Globo Mostra, of cauldron, this weekend. The presenter plucked up courage and tried to make fun of none other than Juliette in the performance she did during the Child Hope this year.

When trolling began, the new global explained that it no longer needed to present the ex-BBB, playing with the fact that she was already known nationally. Seeing the lawyer in a dress on top of a rock, Mion snapped:

“It brings an authority that can give me this endorsement, so I can talk about Juliette. It’s not that I think I can’t handle it, it’s just that we’re a little scared. Can I talk about Juliette, Carminha?”.

The ex-Record even needled the lawyer when she sang the excerpt: “Prepare your heart for the things I will tellr”. “That one speaks, huh! We saw the BBB. It starts counting and it doesn’t stop anymore“he commented.

“She is tired of being famous and went to live in the cave! She is becoming a monk. She is dressed as a Dalai Lama!“he joked. The scenes, of course, reverberated on social media among the cacti, as fans of the ex-sister are known on the internet.

Mion saying that you don’t need to put Juliette’s name when she appears, because if there’s one person that Brazil knows who she is at the moment, it’s Juliette (laughs) and he’s right“, said one. “Mion admits he’s scared of cacti before reacting to Juliette’s video (laughs)”, posted another. “Socorroo, Mion saying that Juliette went to live in the cave, she’s tired of being famous because everyone’s on her (laughs)“, said a third.

Mion even achieved quite a feat: the presenter won first place in the list of most searched communicators on the internet. Quite a feat to remember that he shared the spotlight with Luciano Huck last weekend.

According to information from journalist Patricia Kogut, from O Globo newspaper, Marcos Mion won the title of most searched presenter in the country, according to Google Trends. Luciano Huck, Domingão’s new presenter, appeared in second place.

From August 6th, when he was announced as Globo’s new presenter, until last Thursday (9), polls about Mion grew 1,380% compared to the period of July 2nd and August 5th.

Another interesting fact: the study showed that interest in the famous is the greatest since 2004, when Google started the historical series.

In the first Cauldron, Marcos Mion made a touching outburst about his current moment. “Anyone who follows me in these more than 20 years of television, knows that I only know how to work like this, giving myself away, being real, taking a lot of fun, lightness, high spirits, but above all being an eternal emotional person!”, he spoke.

During Sobe o Som, the new global celebrated alongside Ana Furtado and Tiago Leifert. “It is very important to have the endorsement and support of artists who are as renowned in this house as you.,” Mion said. “You know how much I advocated for you! To see you here! I always cheered a lot. I’m a fan. I’m very happy for your happiness”, revealed Leifert.

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