MC Mirella reveals how much she earns on OnlyFans, Nana Gouvêa the price of her subscription and Jéssica Andrade from MMA regrets, check out

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the adult platform OnlyFans it continues to be talked about, so today (12), the Tech News brought you three different situations about the OnlyFans. The first is that the funkeira MC Mirella recently revealed how much he earns on the site, the second is that Nana Gouvea shared the price of your subscription and the third is that Jessica Andrade from MMA, regretted the leak of some intimate photos.

First, let’s comment on, Nana Gouvea, which was quite famous in the 90s in the bathtub of the Gugu. Today, at 46, she decided to open an account on the platform OnlyFans and charges about R$ 80.00 for a subscription for those who want to admire your profile.

Already MC Mirella, former participant of The farm and funk singer, in an interview for the podcast program of Lucas Selfie, also said that your subscription is the same value as Nana Gouvea, that is, R$ 80.00. However, she opened the game and commented that the platform keeps R$ 20.00 of that amount.

Another fact that caught our attention was when MC Mirella said he has 4,000 followers on each of his two accounts, so Lucas Selfie did the math and concluded that she earns monthly, the amount of BRL 480 thousand reais:

“I was already posting a picture like that on my Instagram, I was already losing money. I’m not a muggle at all, right? Since I do this without making money, I’m going to do it to make money and do something professional”, commented the funkeira.

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Jessica Andrade, MMA fighter, regrets leaking photos

Another question about the platform OnlyFans that drew attention, was that the fighter Jessica Andrade from MMA, had some photos leaked. The athlete regretted what happened, however, confessed that she gained more subscribers with it.

“I wasn’t upset, because I already imagined that this could happen. I’ve seen this happen to other fighters too. I wasn’t upset, because I did everything knowing it would eventually leak. I’m 30 years old and my body won’t look good for the rest of my life, so I have to enjoy it while it’s good. No one will want to see it later. I wasn’t upset. I thought it was funny, because people made a lot of memes”, he told in an interview to the MMA Fighting website.

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