Menon: “It was clear that São Paulo doesn’t have a squad to spare a player” – 13/09/2021

In the duel of the tricolores, the carioca got the better of the paulista. This Sunday (12), Fluminense beat São Paulo by 2-1 at Maracanã and approached the G6 of Brasileirão. The result was very bad for the Morumbi club, who are just one point above the relegation zone.

At the End of Chat, post-round live of UOL Sport – with journalists Isabela Labate, Renato Maurício Prado, Menon and Danilo Lavieri – the commentators analyzed the performance of São Paulo and criticized the choice of coach Hernán Crespo, who spared some players an eye on the match against Fortaleza, on Wednesday ( 15), in the return duel of the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil.

“It was a fair victory for Fluminense. It is clear that São Paulo has no squad to save players. They are in a bad situation in the championship. This thing of saving is for those who have it. In a game like this, Rigoni, the best player in the league. São Paulo, playing only 20 minutes is a very big mistake. São Paulo doesn’t have the ball for that,” commented Menon, noting that the Argentine started the match on the bench.

Renato was also surprised by the fact that Crespo chose to spare some athletes. “I don’t understand. A team that is close to Z-4 can’t save. São Paulo is saving thinking about a Cup in Brazil that they don’t have the slightest chance of winning. Playing this little football, they won’t beat Flamengo or Atlético -MG. It may even pass through Fortaleza, which is having a large drop in production,” he said.

Lavieri followed the line of his colleagues. “I think it’s a bit complicated for São Paulo to save at this point in the championship, considering that they don’t have such a big squad to play. There are some mysteries, too. Benítez played four times for 90 minutes in the year. It’s very little. be a surprise, as it was already a mark of his time at Vasco. São Paulo knew, or should have known, about this issue,” he pointed out.

For Menon, the São Paulo Tricolor also had problems in a pillar of its defensive system. “With all this problem, with embezzlements, Galeano improvised on the right wing and other players who were spared, Miranda still played a very bad game. He has made many fouls near the area. In the second goal, Luiz Henrique was like a bullet train and Miranda, 17 years older, couldn’t hold it,” analyzed the columnist.

Renato disagreed with the São Paulo coach’s strategy for the duel against Flu. “What is more important for São Paulo? Trying to win the Copa do Brasil or escaping relegation? Will they play Palmeiras, who won the Copa do Brasil and crashed in the same year? I think Crespo made a big mistake when saving Rigoni and Benítez. I had to have tried to win that game,” he said, citing the case of Verdão in 2012.

For Lavieri, the Flu victory was fair. “Miranda failed badly in Luiz Henrique’s goal. He couldn’t even miss it. São Paulo have to be smart, but it’s nothing they need to lose their hair right now. Today, the team was very ‘cooked’, soft, stopped in some balls. If anyone deserved to win this game, it was Fluminense”, he added.