“My first BRL 1 million won on the stock market”, says Didi Aguiar, trader for 41 years

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For Didi Aguiar, over time, investors learn to earn money more easily, as they get old and are in a hurry. “Today, my time is extremely expensive, as it is running out” (Credit: Disclosure)

The guest of the new episode of MoneyPlay Podcast, a program aimed at the world of finance and introduced by financial educator Fabrício Duarte, is Odir Andrade Aguiar, known in the financial market as Didi Aguiar, trader for 41 years.

Creator of Didi Index, an indicator for graphical analysis of moving averages, taken from a bar chart, the engineer and business administrator talks about having his index used in several countries today, experiences in the market and his business beyond the financial market.

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Before entering the financial market, Didi sold encyclopedia and a car, in addition to working in customs. But it was as a trader that he found himself. “My first R$ 1 million won in the stock market”, he says. “I was saving money because I couldn’t spend it, I just worked.”

At the time I worked in the financial market, computers were not yet used. “I was one of the first to have one just for me in the Treasury”, he recalls. He bought software abroad and started looking at various charts, but he still posted stock quotes in his hand so he could see the chart at the time of trading.

And it was the graphics that brought its fame, thanks to the creation of the Didi Index, now used in Germany, Japan, Russia, China, Turkey and the United States. “I’m a Brazilian who has a graphic that runs around the world.”

Today, he says he only does things he wants to. “If you have money, will you do what others want? Why? Are you crazy?” he asks. “If you have money, you are even free to burn everything and become a wanderer.”

Didi believes that, over time, investors learn to make money more easily, as they get older and are in a hurry. “Today, my time is extremely expensive as it is running out.”

+Today, it is possible to invest very early, with only BRL 20 per month

+Real world time is very different from the financial market

+Those who earn a lot of money operate options

+In Brazil, talking about money is more taboo than talking about sex or drugs


In all, Didi has gone through 17 crises. “It’s not easy to survive, but I’ve never seen one as violent as this last one, from the Covid-19 pandemic,” he says. “We had two circuit breakers (an exchange safety mechanism that stops trading for a period of time when its main index falls more than 10%) in a single day on several occasions. A great learning experience.”

“In every crisis, many companies go to cucumber”, he says. “A person splinters when he doesn’t accept the loss and keeps thinking he’s going to come back and recover. She decides to operate double to recover, then she gets hit again, but the loss is fivefold and she dies.”

The trader even has a stint with famous investor Naji Nahas. The brokerage at a bank where Didi worked was very close to traders allied with the businessman, so they were great partners in the operations. “It was even good. These groups had disproportionate market power, so it was easier to make money.”

other businesses

Today, Didi only operates when he goes from one role to another or when something interesting appears, since he also works on fronts outside the market, such as marijuana delivery in the United States, a legal practice in some states. in California, I deliver marijuana,” he explains.

Also in the American market, Didi has set up a platform that legally “sticks” the country’s car auctions. “I sell 20%, 30% cheaper cars,” he says. In this type of auction, individuals cannot participate, only dealers (intermediary type) can buy at a discount.

On the platform, the customer enters, chooses the car and the company bids for him. The company earns an average percentage of 12% of the car’s value, but some reach 20%, with practically no cost.

The deal was so successful that it is already winning buyers from other countries, such as the Dominican Republic, Saudi Arabia and Panama. “We raised US$ 15 million in a first round and we hope to raise another US$ 300 million in the second”, he says. “In three years we thought about making the company’s IPO.”

In Brazil, Didi has just set up an investment fund. Your mission will be to indicate which paper to buy and at what price and when to leave. Around here, he also invests in land and condominiums in the Northeast. He buys large tracts of land in places where there is no road yet, as they are cheaper. “When the value of the square meter rises, you earn a fortune.”

It was like that in Itacaré, which appreciated 20 times in nine years. In São Miguel do Gostoso and Sagi, in Rio Grande do Norte, it purchased 1.5 km and 1.3 km of land on the beach, respectively. In Sagi, he’s building a condominium and now he’s going to sell what’s left only to people in the financial market. “There’s even going to be an operating table with good internet.”

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