New aid of one thousand reais is launched in São Paulo; check who receives

Aimed specifically at people with a sense of entrepreneurship, the new program released by the governor of São Paulo, João Dória (PSDB-SP), aims to reach informal self-employed workers in vulnerable situations that they undertake. baptized of Entrepreneur Scholarship, the program intends to grant 100 thousand scholarships in SP worth R$ 1 thousand each, divided into 2 installments of R$ 500.00.

According to the governor, the program will prioritize women, youth, blacks and browns, indigenous people and people with disabilities. Dória also specified that the program, in addition to granting the scholarship, also seeks to offer training courses and guidance for inclusion in the formal market.

Scholarships will be awarded through a voucher, that is, credit. A link will be sent and people will be able to use it at an ATM 24h. All regions of the state of São Paulo will be covered and, above all, an evaluation will be carried out based on entries in the Cadastro Único (CadÚnico).

Aid of one thousand reais in São Paulo

The government mapped the regions with the proportional amount of scholarships that will be awarded:

Administrative Region

  • Presidente Prudente – 2,202 vacancies;
  • São José do Rio Preto – 3,361 vacancies;
  • Campinas – 11,924 vacancies;
  • Sorocaba – 5,016 vacancies;
  • Bauru – 2,334 vacancies;
  • Barretos – 990 vacancies;
  • Ribeirão Preto – 2,291 vacancies;
  • Araçatuba – 1,821 vacancies;
  • Marília – 2,375 vacancies;
  • Central – 1,809 vacancies;
  • Itapeva – 1,950 vacancies;
  • São José dos Campos – 5,738 vacancies;
  • Free – 1,486 vacancies;
  • São Paulo – 52,196 vacancies;
  • Registration – 1,141 vacancies;
  • Santos – 3,368 vacancies.

How to apply for the Bolsa Empreendedor program

To enroll in Bolsa Empreendedor, you will need to participate in the entrepreneurship course offered through the Empreender Rápido program. This course is an initiative of the government of the state of São Paulo and is completely free.

However, to get the R$1,000 scholarship, it will be necessary to have completed at least 80% of the workload. Another government requirement for granting the scholarship is that informal entrepreneurs have the Registration of Individual Microentrepreneur (MEI).

To register, simply access the Bolsa do Povo portal and choose the benefit. In this case, click on the “Bolsa Empreendedor” button and fill in the requested data.