New Marvel series on Disney+ gets its first trailer

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We are finally approaching the release of Archer hawk, series focused on the Avenger who became popularly known as gavigod and which will introduce one of Marvel’s most beloved heroines, the playful Young Avenger Hawk archer. Now, the first trailer for the show has been released by Marvel.

The series should bring a more faithful adaptation to Gavião Arqueiro, introducing concepts that are famous in the character of the comics — such as his purple uniform and his hearing loss. Fans speculate that the project will be a mantle change and that this will be the last time we will see Jeremy Renner like Clint Barton.

In the trailer we see clint enjoying the first Christmas with his family after the war against Thanos. However, the family program is interrupted by news that the watchman ronin returned to action, which causes the Archer hawk go out in search of the new anti-hero. Confronting the figure, he discovers that it is a question of Kate Bishop who quickly becomes Gaviã Arqueira, fighting alongside Clint against new threats that have spread through the city.

Watch the trailer subtitled below:

Watch the trailer dubbed below:

In Hawkeye, Jeremy Renner will be accompanied by Hailee Steinfeld, who interprets the Hawk Archer Kate Bishop. Besides them, in the series we will also see alaqua cox (echo) Vera Farmiga (Elanor Bishop), Fra Fee (The clown), Tony Dalton (swordsman), Zahn McClarnon (William Lopez), and Florence Pugh like Yelena Belova, which was introduced in Black Widow.

The first official poster of the series was also released:

It is worth remembering that, according to rumors, the Gavião Arqueiro series will have a derivative project focused on echo, being the first Native American heroine to star in an MCU series.

So, excited for what’s next?

Archer hawk premieres November 24th on Disney+.

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