Neymar responds to actress Patricia Pillar’s criticism: ‘I have to stop scoring now’ – Play

the Brazilian striker Neymar, of Paris Saint-Germain and the Brazilian Team, continues to call the spotlight for itself on matters outside the field. Now he responded to the actress Patricia Pillar on Twitter, after the artist’s criticism.

Patricia was bothered by Neymar’s stance in stating that he ‘would pass Pelé’ in the artillery for the Brazilian team, not to mention the state of health of the former Brazilian athlete, considered the best player of all times, and of Santos, the club that Neymar revealed.

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Patrícia’s criticism was similar to that of columnist Gustavo de Negreiros, from Diário do Nordeste:

Twitter response

The PSG attacker didn’t let the criticism go unnoticed. To the actress he commented in an ironic tone.

In the same interview in which he quoted Pelé without mentioning the king’s state of health, Neymar also attacked journalists, stating that he “was not respected”. The ace, either, said that disrespect had been suffering. On social networks, he mocked the fact that he was called ‘fat’, which gave clues about the discomfort felt by the attacker.

Top scorers in the Selection

If Neymar is not having a good time off the field, when it comes to football, in fact, the player has made history with the Brazilian national team’s shirt. He walks with great strides to really overcome Pelé’s mark.

  • Pele – 77 goals / 92 games
  • Neymar – 69 goals / 113 games
  • Ronaldo – 62 goals / 98 games
  • Romário – 55 goals / 70 games
  • Zico – 48 goals / 71 games

In terms of achievements, the Brazilian ace’s main goal is to win the Olympic gold medal. Made, so far in 2016, unprecedented for Brazilian football.

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