Nicole Bahls’ ex-husband is accused of influencer harassment

Digital influencer Larissa Marassi revealed in an exclusive interview given to journalist Leo Dias, from Metrópoles, that she suffered bullying when she was humiliated and threatened by her model ex-husband Nicole Bahls. The influencer says that she was at a party with a friend who was known to Marcelo Bimbi, but the meeting didn’t end well.

According to the influencer’s report to the columnist of Metrópoles, she was with other friends at the event who offered a ride on a plane back home. Upon discovering that the influencer was going to fly in the company of friends, Nicole’s ex-husband began to embarrass the girl:

“What do you mean you’re going to abandon us. Ah just because guys have planes? Next time I’ll have to come by jet to be with you, then? And then I said: “No! They are my friends. And it’s not because there’s a plane or not. I do not know you. And then he continued: “Oh, are you one of those, then? Good to know. Oh kind of girl. How much is this ticket? I buy it for you to stay””, said the influencer in an interview.

Due to the difficulties suffered, Larissa said that she decided to leave, but Marcelo Bimbi began to send messages: “I’m going to get a plane. Then you stay with me”, wrote the model to influencer. Manassi then replied: “Wow, nothing to see this. I don’t need a plane to be with anyone. You didn’t intend to judge me like that.” In the end Marcelo Bimbi also declared: “.

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The digital influencer also said that she was uncomfortable with the statements and was pleased with the model: “I felt really bad after everything he told me. So when he came back to the box, I took him by the arm and said, “You should be careful what you say. I have the prints”, Marcelo Bimbi replied: “print is a crime”.

Larissa Marassi revealed to the columnist at Metrópoles that she still managed to talk to Nicole Balhs, who showed solidarity by learning about the whole story: “He started belittling me for the fact that I hadn’t given him any morals before. And then he started to offend me”, he said.

“He said: oh, so I needed a plane to be with her; ah, look at the type of woman. As if the offenses weren’t enough, no woman needed to see these things. No woman needed to hear these things. I was judged as p*ta, self-interested, for the simple fact of not wanting to be with a guy who had no content at all”, said the influencer in her Instagram stories.

“It’s not because a woman didn’t want to be with a guy that he has a right to judge and harass her like that. I decided to speak up because I believe other women have already been through this”. Marcelo Bimbi and Nicole Bahls separated at the end of July after the former farmer discovered a series of betrayals by the model. The ex-couple has been together for three years.

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