NVIDIA may release new version of RTX 2060 with 12GB of VRAM [RUMOR]

This would be a solution due to the lack of raw material

The plight of today’s hardware market, more specifically from video cards, was responsible for the resurgence of GPUs like GTX 1050 Ti and GT 730 and it looks like this story will not end there. According to sources at the Videocardz website, NVIDIA plans to bring the GeForce RTX 2060 back, but this one with the double memory.

The RTX 2060 is still a good card for 1080p and its 6GB of memory do the job in this resolution. It turns out that this time, NVIDIA has already told partner manufacturers who wants an RTX 2060 12GB GDDR6 until January of next year.

The plate being identified as PG161, unlike the PG160 model of the GTX 2060 6GB, will have the same chip TU-106-300 of the base plate, with the difference of the addition of the letters KX (TU-106-300-KX). It may simply be an identification to differentiate the two models, or it may indicate something else.

Nor is it new to say that one of the main reasons, if not the main one, for this new RTX 2060 12GB is the pandemic crisis that affects the supply of components and without any estimate for the normalization of the situation.

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Another factor of concern is price fluctuation in relation to the MSRP. We have already shown here that the values ​​of AMD and NVIDIA GPUs had a significant drop after peak and May. However, not long after, prices rose again, albeit to a lesser extent.

Currently it is very difficult to find an RTX 2060 in Brazilian retailers and a very few GTX 1050 Ti for around R$ 2,000. The “cheapest” video cards that will guarantee 1080p performance are the GTX 1650 (R$2,000+) or GTX 1660 (from R$3,000). That’s what you can find on a quick search.

Apparently NVIDIA shouldn’t bring any RTX (or GTX) 3050 Ti to life and we’ll have to make do with our current GPUs (my GTX 1060 3GB that fights) or pay dearly on overhauled video cards. With the current scenario, in which an RTX 3060 easily goes beyond 6,000 reais and a GTX 1660 over 3,000, you can imagine that a RTX 2060 12GB wouldn’t be cheap.


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Source: VideoCardz