Operation arrests businessmen suspected of embezzling R$ 2 million in overpriced drugs in GO and DF | Goiás

The Public Ministry (MP-GO) and the Civil Police of Goiás arrested two businessmen this Monday (13) suspected of embezzling R$ 2 million of public funds from Formosa (GO) on overpriced medicines. Seven search and seizure warrants were also served in Valparaíso de Goiás, in the vicinity of the Federal District, and in Brazlândia (DF).

O G1 tries to locate the defense of suspects and companies targeted by arrest and search and seizure warrants.

The targets of operation Capésius are drug distributors and entrepreneurs. The MP’s investigation over the past six months identified deviations between the years 2020 and 2021 in the acquisition of legalized medicines, with no need for bidding.

According to the MP, the scheme used companies in the name of “oranges” to defraud bids for the supply of medicines. More than 200% of overprices were identified in products purchased by the Municipal Health Fund (FMS) of Formosa.

Civil police arrest businessmen suspected of embezzling R$ 2 million in overpriced medicines in GO and DF — Photo: Reproduction/MP-GO

The purchase of medicines was determined by the Justice to assist patients in Formosa who did not get the medicines from the Municipal Health Department. From then on, the MP filed a request with the Judiciary for the city to supply the medicine.

Entrepreneurs and companies supposedly involved in the scheme presented to the Health Fund, which buys the products, fake quotes with prices above those practiced in the market, in order to direct the bidding to the company they wanted to hire.

In case of conviction, suspects face six to 20 years in prison. The investigation continues, according to the MP, to identify others involved.

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MP and civil police meet to serve arrest and search warrants in GO and DF — Photo: Reproduction/MP-GO

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