Paraná loses to Mirassol at home and is close to being relegated

Paraná is very close to being relegated to Serie D. Photo: Robson Mafra/AGB.

O Paraná Club is close to being relegated to Serie D. In a direct duel, Tricolor lost to Mirassol by 1-0, this Sunday (12), at home and sank in the relegation zone of group B, of Serie C. Matthew Anderson scored the only goal of the match.

The result leaves the situation almost irreversible. In ninth place, the Paranist team needs to win the next two games and hope for two stumbling blocks from São José-RS, in addition to having to take the difference in the balance. The team from São Paulo is no longer at risk of falling to Serie D.

Paraná’s next game is against Novorizontino, on Saturday (18), at 7 pm, for the 17th round, of Group B, of Serie C. As Zequinha plays before, the Tricolor can enter the lowered field.


The club was scolded by arbitration. As early as 03′, Tricolor had a goal badly disallowed by the flag Francisco Chaves Bezzera Junior. In the final stretch of the first stage, the team complained about a penalty in Ebere, which was not signaled.

The game

O Mirasol started the game with greater possession of the ball. O Paraná tried to close the spaces in the defense and accelerate the ball in the offensive field. At 3′, Gustavo França even scored for Tricolor, but the flag was offside. Nonetheless, the position was cool.

As a result, the team from São Paulo has already opened the scoreboard in Vila Capanema. Matheus Anderson received it with space on the left side. The attacker straightened and sent a bomb. The ball hit Bruno Grassi’s angle.

After the goal, the Tricolor had more possession and tried to push the opponent back. At 31, the team created its best opportunity. Ebere was launched from the left side and crossed into the area. Sillas, free, headed hard and sent close to the goal. In the final stretch, the team even complained about an unmarked penalty on Ebere.

Tricolor tries to react, gets one less and suffers tough defeat

Back on the scoreboard, the Paraná he returned with a more aggressive posture, but it was Mirassol that almost expanded. In a move from the right, Jerferson won the mark and crossed in the area. Luiz Fernando appeared with freedom, hit hard and nearly swelled the nets.

The team from São Paulo balanced their actions and arrived with danger in the attack. Thereby, Jorge Ferreira put the chestnut boys and Lucas Sene on departure. At 23′, the situation became even more difficult. luan he made a hard foul, got the second yellow card and was sent off.

Everything got worse afterwards. A mess took over the lawn, players from both teams fell out. To appease, the referee expelled one on each side: Moisés Gaucho and Macena.

And so the game went. Paraná pressed, but suffered a hard defeat and is getting closer and closer to being relegated to Serie D in Brazilian football.


Local: Vila Capanema, in Curitiba (PR).
Date: Sunday September 12, 2021.
Schedule: 18h.
Referee: Michelangelo Martins de Almeida Júnior (PE).
Assistants: Francisco Chaves Bezzera Junior and José Daniel Torres de Araújo (PE).

Paraná Club: Bruno Grassi; Paranhos (Lacerda), Luan, Léo Pettenon and Bryan (Mikael); Moisés Gaucho, Kriguer (Lucas Sene) and Sillas; Vinicius Moura (Reis), Ebere and Gustavo França (Chestnut).
: Jorge Ferreira

Mirasol: Edson; Jeferson, Luizão, Diego Landis and Foguinho; Daniel, Sousa, Neto Moura and Luiz Fernando (Rafael Silva); Matheus Anderson (Matheusinho) and Macena.
Technician: Eduardo Baptista.

Goals: Matheus Anderson, at 6′, of the first half, for Mirassol.
Yellow cards:
Luan, Pettenon, Sene and Bryan (PRC). Jefferson and Foguinho (MIRA)
Red card: Luan and Moisés Gaucho (PRC). Macena (MIRA)