Patricia Pillar criticizes Neymar, who rebuts the actress’ comment

Actress Patricia Pillar, 57, criticized PSG and national team player Neymar Júnior on her Twitter profile and received a response from the player.

Patricia’s comments were made last Thursday (9). “Neymar disappoints me more every day. Talking about putting Pelé in the artillery was absolutely regrettable”, wrote the actress from Rede Globo.

When questioned by a follower, Patricia explained that she was referring to the fact that the former player was hospitalized. “He’s in the hospital, it wasn’t time.”

That night, Neymar responded to the tweets. “Oh yeah, I have to stop scoring now,” commented the player, adding some laughter emoji to his response.

On the social network, internet users were divided between being on the side of the player or the actress. “You have to stop positioning yourself as a spoiled child and lower your head more to what’s happening around you. You’re where you are because Brazil has always put faith in you,” wrote one.

“What I want to see is being remembered like him? Zero humility. Imagine if Messi would dare to compare himself with Maradona,” commented another follower.

Already some, defended Neymar. “Unbelievable………it’s not possible that someone with so much culture doesn’t understand something so basic in the sport. Beat all the records you can, boy Ney.”, commented a follower.

“Neymar should do himself a favor and uninstall Twitter so he never has to read this kind of shit again,” fired another.

Patricia’s comment referred to a statement given by Neymar after Brazil beat Peru 2-0 in the World Cup qualifiers last Thursday. When he left the field at the end of the game and commented on the goals that brought him closer to Pelé, Neymar said that “it will be an honor” to pass the top scorer.