Porsche driver comes out unscathed from a heavy accident at the start

the sunday of Porsche Cup Brazil in Curitiba, in the realization of the fourth stage Sprint of the 2021 season, delivered two races full of emotion, but also with moments of concern, such as the accident in Rodrigo Mello right at the start of race 2 of the Cup race.

Even before reaching the first corner, Mello was sandwiched by two cars and had to take his foot off to avoid the crash, but he ended up being hit from behind by another car. With that, he landed on the grass, before rolling over and over again, ending up with the car on the retaining wall.

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The race direction quickly stopped the race and all cars returned to the grid so that the category could do the removal of Mello and the car. Luckily, the driver managed to get out of his Porsche without any problems and, before the restart, he went to the start to show his classmates that everything was fine with him.

In an interview with Motorsport.com, Mello talked about the accident.

“At the start, I was kind of sandwiched by two cars, which started to squeeze me. And then I took my foot off a bit to avoid the accident, but then a car came from behind, much faster, which hit my rear “.

“Then I became a passenger. But I was lucid the whole time. I followed the crash, I realized I was overturning and, immediately, I wanted to signal that I was fine, because my daughter is here today, my mother was watching, today is my birthday father. I wanted to show that it was just a scare.”

The race was restarted after ten minutes of stoppage, and was closed before the end of the 25th regressive, due to another accident, from Chico Horta, on the main straight, which left a lot of debris. Renan Pizii the winner was declared, with Miguel Paludo in second.

See the moment of the accident:

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