PS4: console gets functional emulator after 8 years

Even eight years after the launch of the PS4 and with the next console running around, there has never been an emulator for it. Not a really working emulator, at least. Now, in 2021, it has emerged!

The Spine project is the first (and so far only) PS4 emulator and updated the library of available games in early September. In practice, this means you can really enjoy the program now, with hundreds of indie games available. The project had been announced in 2019, showing emulations of Megaman Legacy Collection and Stardew Valley.

Watch the video below:

Other PS4 emulator projects have been released over the years: one called PCSX4 turned out to be fake news, GPCS4 actually works, but there are still no real games running, while Orbital is not ready to be released. As such, the Spine project is the first and only one that actually works.

It’s worth mentioning a few details: it’s only available for computers with Linux OS, it works best with 2D games, and its library has only indies titles — there’s hardly any AAA game on Spine’s list.

We must also remember all the other questions about emulators and whether they are correct or not (Voxel published a column in 2018 on the subject). However, this already enters into another debate — which you can continue in the comments. The real news is this: there’s a PS4 emulator up and running out there.