Ragnarök explain the god Thor’s look

The revelation of the first images of God of War: Ragnarök was marked by a controversy about the Norse god Thor and your look “chubby”.

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Many fans don’t seem to like it, preferring something along the lines of Thor from Marvel, but the game director, Eric Williams, and the creative director, Cory Barlog, explained why they chose to portray the God of thunder that way.

The pair spoke with Game Insider website and explained that the idea was, in fact, if distance of today’s famous version of Marvel and dive a little more into the mythological descriptions.

“Well, I don’t know, we just wanted him to be a big guy, You know. Has the interpretation of Marvel from him, which is something else. It’s interesting. We wanted to, you know, go a little bit deeper into mythology itselfsaid Williams.

Barlog pointed out how this version of Thor can be intimidating, even without the muscular look that would be the standard in the representation of extremely strong beings like him.

“I think there’s something fantastic about the fact that not everything needs to have this concept muscular and shiny to still be fantastic, powerful and intimidating, he stated.

About God of War: Ragnarök

God of War is back with its ninth game in the franchise and second since Kratos decided to torment the Norse gods.

God of War: Ragnarök promises to show the outcome of the story started in the game namesake, 2018, in addition to starting the twilight of the gods, a kind of apocalypse caused after Kratos murder the god Baldur in the previous game.

The Ghost of Sparta is again accompanied by his son, Atreus, and now must fight other Norse deities, with emphasis on freya and the mighty Thor.

Odin, the Father of All and leader of Aesir, is also expected. Kratos must pass through nine worlds that make up the Nordic view of the universe, supported by the tree Yggdrasil.

The game promises a new gameplay, with more features in combat, in addition to bringing back some elements that were praised in the 2018 game.

It will be available for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 initially. God of War: Ragnarök arrives in 2022, still without a defined date.

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