Recife Recicladora bills R$ 80 thousand with electronic waste collection | Small Business & Big Business

Entrepreneur Sávio França realized the importance and profitability of recycling waste that contaminates the environment, he separates and sells electronic waste, betting on reverse logistics.

The recycler has 25 recycling points in the metropolitan region of Recife. It also does reverse delivery, that is, it collects electronic waste from homes and businesses. About 95% of the material is reused.

When possible, the company repairs, sells or donates the equipment. And what is no longer in a usable condition is separated, classified and sold to recycling companies in Brazil and abroad.

The company invoices R$ 80 thousand per month. Part of the profit is invested in free robotics and recycling courses for needy communities.

André Castro, operations manager of a cell phone maintenance company in São Paulo, explains that every company today is required to properly dispose of electronic waste, as a result of the Solid Waste Law.

See the full report in the video above.

REEECicle – Intelligence in Recycling
Rua Professor Mussa Hazin, 108, Iputinga
Recife/PE – CEP: 50800-030
Phone: (81) 99833-8771
E-mail: [email protected]

PLL Group
Avenida Miruna, 168, Moema
São Paulo/SP – CEP: 04084-903
Telephone: (11) 5093-7357
E-mail: [email protected]

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