Renato values ​​victory with Flamengo embezzlement and praises David Luiz: “Level of Selection” | Flamengo

The eight absences (in addition to Arrascaeta’s injury) did not prevent Flamengo from winning and convincing this Sunday, in 3-1 over Palmeiras, away from home. After the game, coach Renato Gaúcho celebrated the good response of the red-black squad, who went over the casualties to beat a direct opponent.

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– Congratulations to the group. We had some days without games, but, on the other hand, many players in the national team, others in the medical department. This made the work very difficult. I always tell the group to train and train hard, because we have three competitions and there is space for everyone. The group gave the answer today against a great opponent – he said.

– We got a very good turnaround. Now, we continue to do our work. We are on the trail of those in front of us, because our goal is also to fight for the Brazilian title – he completed.

Renato Gaúcho, Flamengo coach — Photo: Marco Riboli

The victory made Flamengo add 34 points, climb the Brasileirão table and touch Palmeiras himself, who has only one more points and is the vice-leader. The leader Atlético-MG has 42, but both Minas Gerais and São Paulo have already played two more rounds compared to the rubro-negro.

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After the result, the big subject could not be another: David Luiz. Renato spread the rug for the arrival of the reinforcement “Brazilian national team”. But, he also made an observation: in his opinion, the club is well served with defenders who rose in production in the last rounds.

– I think every great team player has space in our group, the stronger he is, the more chance he will have to win. Of course he is important, an international player, Brazilian national team level. I don’t need to throw confetti, it’s above average. I would like to point out that our defenders are playing very well, they have gone up a lot in production. It’s no use having a team, you have to be a group. With the arrival of David Luiz, it’s one more to join, our group is strong – he analyzed.

With the three points in the bag, the red-black delegation returns to Rio de Janeiro this Sunday night. On Monday, the cast performs again at Ninho do Urubu. The next appointment is on Wednesday, at 9:30 pm (GMT), against Grêmio, for the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil. The game will be at Maracanã.

Other answers from Renato

I think that, in addition to the work on the tactical part, that I really enjoy talking to the players, I try to polish them, correct them, I try to give morale to what they do right. I try to talk, I take them to the video room, I show them what’s right, what’s wrong. I’m happy, he’s a player I support a lot, I had already asked for him at Grêmio and now I’ve found him here at Flamengo. He has helped us a lot, he has scored goals. We have Gabriel, who is the “borer”, and he is our “borer”. And it’s the “boring one” that has helped a lot.

He is playing really well. I try to talk a lot with him so that he puts himself in a way that, every time he receives the balls, he can make his moves. I spend a lot of peace with him, especially in and around the area. In this regard, he has evolved a lot, so much so that he has scored goals. There’s been that tranquility I ask for, I tell them that despair is always the opponent’s. He has scored goals because he is having peace of mind to make the best move.

Striker scored two against Palmeiras — Photo: Marcello Zambrana/AGIF

Every player is welcome. I have a group. The more you get to strengthen, great. But Flamengo’s group is very good. Biggest proof is in the last games. With many embezzlements, people have done the job. That’s how I like it.

We have three competitions, there’s room for everyone. The important thing is when the player is called, enters and gets the job done. This has happened, I charge them daily to train hard and, when they join, play hard. The group has done the job.

In the short time we have, I try to dedicate myself mainly to fixing some details. We have two types of appointments, and they understood our work very well, they have done very well. This work has had positive results. They are doing very well, they understand the work, now it’s time to make the most of it. I try to pay special attention to the defense, which has gone up a lot in the championship.