Retired person suspected of infection with Delta variant dies in Picos – Picos

Photo: Ascom Fepiserh

Updated at 10:45 am

The 71-year-old retiree identified as Antônio Martins Rodrigues, who was admitted to the ICU of the Justino Luz Regional Hospital in Picos, with suspicion of infection with the Delta variant, died at dawn on Saturday (11), around 9 pm. The elderly person’s death was confirmed by the hospital staff.

Antônio Martins, who had a chronic heart disease, did not resist and died after suffering a septic shock, had a generalized infection that caused organ failure. The elderly person had been hospitalized at the municipal health unit since last September 4th.

The patient who traveled to São Paulo on the 12th of August and returned to Picos on the 24th of the same month, had also not taken the doses of the Covid-19 vaccine.

According to the Picos Epidemiological Surveillance Coordination, the name of the owner of the bus company that transported the man to Piauí has ​​already been identified.

“We have already been able to identify the name of the owner of the bus company and we are trying to locate her point of sale because as it is a clandestine bus, there is no fixed location”, explains coordinator Robsoncley Viana.

Also according to the coordinator of Epidemiological Surveillance, Robsoncley Viana, the 17 people who were being monitored, relatives and neighbors of the patient, should be released if found that they do not have symptoms.

“After the 16th, if they remain asymptomatic, we will be released from isolation”, highlights the coordinator.

The Epidemiological Surveillance is still awaiting the result of the sample for genetic sequencing sent to FioCruz, which will detect which strain the retiree was infected with.

According to the State Department of Health (Sesapi), the material will be sent this week to FioCruz in Recife and the result is expected to be released within 45 days.

“Knowing that he came from a city with high circulation of the Delta variant, we asked the health unit for samples to perform the genetic sequencing, but there is this delay in sending the result, as there is a great demand, since FioCruz performs the sequencing of samples from all over the country”, explains Sesapi’s coordinator of Epidemiology, Amélia Costa.

Sesapi also informed that it continues with the search for passengers who were on the same bus as the retiree.

“Our intention to find these passengers is not punitive, but to track possible contacts, who spent days with the man, who died because of Covid-19. And we need to monitor it for the sake of disease control”, explains Amélia Coast.

Rebeca Lima
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