Ricciardo wakes up in disbelief with victory in Italy: “I didn’t sleep”

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The biggest smile of Formula 1 shines again. Daniel Ricciardo took an unexpected victory in last Sunday’s incredible Italian GP and helped McLaren break a fast that had lasted nearly ten years. Since the 2012 Brazilian GP, ​​when Jenson Button triumphed at Interlagos, the multi-world champion team has not visited the top of the podium.

But what was the day after Daniel’s victory at Monza like?

“I couldn’t really sleep. Still floating by the overwhelming number of messages. Thank you very much. Did we win in Monza, McLaren?” wrote the Australian on Twitter, still incredulous with what he had just achieved.

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The biggest smile of Formula 1 shone in Italy (Photo: Beto Issa)

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The pilot thanked the many fans around the world for the warm messages following his victory in Italy, but he gave special words of affection to McLaren. Ricciardo highlighted the broad support of the British team, especially in the most difficult moments during a season marked by the Australian’s difficulties in adapting to the MCL35M’s style.

Last weekend, the frustration at not being able to get the most out of the car and staying away from the desired performance gave way to jubilation in front of a flawless victory.

“There are many people to thank, but first of all McLaren,” said Ricciardo. “It was a long time for them. Being with this team and having the support they gave me is amazing. I thank all the members of the team”, wrote the Australian.

“This sport means a lot to us. Yesterday was very magical. Thank you”, he added.

In addition to McLaren’s winning streak, Ricciardo broke his own drought: since the 2018 Monaco GP, when he was still a Red Bull driver, the oceanic rider hasn’t occupied the top of the podium. Since then, Daniel left the Taurine team, spent two years at Renault and opened a new career cycle at McLaren. A cycle that started very hard, but which, surprisingly, reached its peak last Sunday.

“I still know how to win. I never stopped believing in me. I know people have questioned me and it doesn’t bother me, but I know what I’m capable of and I knew this weekend would be special. I’ve never been on the podium at Monza or with McLaren. And then, since we’re there, let it be with a victory”, smiled Ricciardo in an interview with Spanish streaming service DAZN.