RS has tornado risk; weather changes in SP and RJ

The arrival of a hot air mass in Rio Grande do Sul could cause strong storms today. Winds can reach 120 km/h and there is a risk of hail. A cold front arrives in the southern region in the middle of the week, according to the MetSul institute.

In São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, the forecast is for heat and dry weather today. According to Climatempo, the capital of São Paulo may have the hottest afternoon of the year, recording 34°C, but the record can already be broken tomorrow, when the temperature can reach 35°C.

The state will also suffer from the dry weather at the beginning of this week, the air humidity will be below 30% in the capital and 20% in the interior. In Rio de Janeiro the maximum will vary between 33°C and 37°C.

On Tuesday, however, there is already a risk of isolated rain showers in isolated regions of São Paulo. But the weather even changes from Wednesday (15), when the weather gets wetter and colder in the entire state.

In Rio de Janeiro, the weather is more cloudy and unstable, with the possibility of rain on Wednesday.

The week will end more closed and cold in both states, with São Paulo being able to have minimums of 14ºC on Thursday (16) and 13ºC on Friday (17). In Rio, the sixth is expected to reach a minimum of 22ºC.

Climatempo points out that the rains will also reach the Midwest region this week, but they will still not be able to reverse the drought in the region. The north of Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, Goiás and the Federal District, however, should continue with very dry air and no rain forecast for the next few days.

In the north and northeast, the weather will remain hot throughout the week and with a good chance of rain.