Santander Auction brings together more than 100 properties with up to 58% discount

Santander bank is holding another auction, which will take place until September 13th and has 103 properties with discounts of up to 58% and initial bids starting at R$ 48.4 thousand.

Among the available properties there are residences, condominium houses, apartments, rooms and commercial complexes. Among the options, 77 are for residential properties. Commercial real estate already totals 18 units.

The properties are located in the states of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Espírito Santo, Goiás, Mato Grosso do Sul, Minas Gerais, Paraná, Paraíba, Pernambuco, Rio Grande do Norte and Rio Grande do Sul.

The property with the biggest discount offered (58%) is a two-bedroom house in Taubaté (SP), with an initial bid of R$ 133.7 thousand, which is still occupied.

In addition to this, some other properties available at the auction are still occupied and this requires care before closing the deal. It is worth remembering that it is up to the buyer to take the measures and bear any expenses for regularizing and vacating the property.

The auction will be held in conditional mode, when all bids are subject to Banco Santander approval.

It is possible to use the FGTS (Guarantee Fund for Employees) as a form of payment (for unoccupied properties that meet the criteria required by Caixa). The fees or tariffs required for the use of the FGTS must be paid exclusively by the buyer of the property, who must find out about all the rules and conditions of use of the FGTS with the agency responsible for its release.

Individuals and companies can participate and bid. Unoccupied properties can be visited, but it is necessary to book by e-mail [email protected]

To participate, those interested should access the Sold Leilões website. The auction will only be available until 13:00 on Monday (13).

Facilities that the bank offers at the auction

  • IPTU and condominium debts (if any) will be paid by the auction date
  • Residential properties: financing of up to 80% of the property in up to 420 months, with a rate of 7.99% per year + TR
  • Commercial real estate: financing in up to 360 months, at a rate of 9.9% per year
  • Lots/land: payment only in cash

This news was updated on September 12, 2021 6:55 PM

September 12, 2021 6:55 PM