screenwriter details process for embedding film in MCU

Like MCU gradually approaching 30-films – apart from the various series already announced -, it has become an increasing challenge for the filmmakers of the Marvel Studios create a narrative that speaks to plans for the future of the franchise, especially when those plans are kept secret. Dave Callaham, screenwriter of Shang-Chi and the Ten Rings, stated that he needed to send his story proposals to the producer Jonathan Schwartz, who, keeping secret, guided the screenwriter away from what his colleagues were developing.

Sometimes I got too close to something and he couldn’t tell me what”, Callaham reminded the THR. “He just said ‘yeah, stay away from that genre. This is happening in another room right now’ – without ever exposing too much. Other than that, he let me do what I wanted and let me know when he was cool enough to show it to [Kevin Feige]. So I proposed [o roteiro] for him and the team, and then we move on”.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of Ten Rings, which shows the title character dealing with ghosts from his past and recovering the martial and mystical arts training he received as a child, is already in theaters.

The feature has grossed more than $146 million in worldwide box office.

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