Second Round of OceanAir Goods Auction Tomorrow

According to information from Alvarez & Marsal, the bankruptcy trustee, the second round of the auction of assets by OceanAir (Avianca Brasil) is scheduled for tomorrow, Monday, September 13, 2021, to be held for pending lots of the first round in August (2The square) as well as new lots. The event is being managed by the auctioneer Mega Leilões.

Among the objects for sale are commercial buildings, vehicles and various objects, available in Congonhas, São José dos Campos and other airports where the company operated.

The proceeds from the auction will be managed by the company’s Bankruptcy for the payment of debts with creditors and former employees of the company. Lots that are not sold in this second round will be subject to the next one, planned for the end of September and, this time, with no minimum bid.

Since Avianca Brasil’s Judicial Recovery and Bankruptcy, only a small portion of employees has received the due amount of back wages, severance pay and labor fines. This small portion received the money from Avianca Holdings (Panama), by decision of the judges, however, the majority of former employees, creditors and passengers did not receive a single real. Now, the hope of recovering the values ​​comes with the auction.

Auction notices can be read at the following link.