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Despite the star at the booth Renault at the Munich Motor Show (IAA Mobility) to be the completely new Megane E-Tech, another electric car of the brand, the Renault 5 electric, caught a lot of attention as one of the most anticipated launches of the brand.

“I wish I had the Fiat 500 electric in 2007, it would have anticipated electrification in Italy”. At the time, of course, the technology wasn’t ready, but Luca De Meo, now CEO of Renault, has no doubts: revivals make perfect sense and in the near future could be decisive in accelerating people’s choice of an electric car.

And seeing the curiosity that the Renault 5 electric car concept arouses under the Monaco Motor Show spotlight, it’s hard to blame the Italian businessman who judges “nostalgia operations” too pragmatically: “When you activate certain codes with which people are already used to it, you immediately break down the barriers. This is what happens.”

On the other hand, history is full of commercial failures born of the pretense of necessarily creating something new from a stylistic point of view. De Meo cites, for example, the first series of the Toyota Prius, from 1997, and the BMW i3. Two models that played an important role for their respective brands, but never made huge sales figures. And to all those who say “revive because you have no ideas”, De Meo replies: “What is the Volkswagen Golf 8? There are some classics that you keep that way and I don’t see a problem”.

But there is a curious aspect specifically linked to the R5 concept. De Meo said that car already existed: “On the second day working at Renault I went to the Centro Stile and canceled half of the projects. Then I went out into the hallway and saw a small model of a new orange R5, designed as a renaissance with a gasoline engine.”

“When I ask why they never produced it – concludes the manager – they say that the retro could not be done at first because we already had Clio and Twingo. Well… In six months the project was resumed, it is ready and we have succeeded headlines in newspapers around the world. Either I don’t understand or these things work and how!”

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