See who are quoted for Tiago Leifert’s vacancy in charge of BBB 22

Next Tuesday, September 14, Marinho’s broadcaster should announce the name of the new titleholder of Big Brother Brasil. Remembering that the confinement reality became the ‘hen with golden eggs’ of the plim plim company.

Marcos Mion remains Boninho’s choice to head BBB 22 after the resignation of auntie of the Marine company that will officially take place in December.


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But the top management of the leading broadcaster defends the idea of ​​putting a variety journalist in charge of the highest-grossing reality show on the plim plim network. And the most quoted for the vacancy is the current presenter of Globe Sports, Felipe Andreoli. In addition to it, they are quoted to ‘anchor’ the BBB 22: Renata Ceribelli, Maria Beltrão, Ana Clara LimThe, Marcos Mion and Fernanda Gentil.

Maria Beltrão, Felipe Andreoli and Renata Ceribelli (Press Photo/Globo)

Mion at the BBB?

The advertising market was informed earlier this week that the session Box Office Champions will replace the Cauldron with Mion from January 2022 on the plim plim network schedule.

Marcos Mion is listed for BBB 22 (Globo/Disclosure)

There is an internal war on Venus platinum that does not want the former presenter of A Fazenda in an Endemol product, as the formats are in competition around the world. It is worth remembering that the rural reality of Record TV belongs to the producer Strix, a direct competitor of Endemol Shine, owner of the format of Big Brother Brazil.