Simone Tebet calls for new demonstrations to pressure Congress for impeachment

| Photo: Reproduction / Twitter

Pre-candidate of the MDB for the presidency of the Republic, senator Simone Tebet (MT) participated, this Sunday, in the demonstration against president Jair Bolsonaro (no party). From the top of the sound car, the senator highlighted having different agendas from those of the movement’s organizers, right-wing groups such as MBL, Livres and Vem pra Rua, but she preached the sum of forces “around what unites us: the uncompromising defense of Democracy” . In this sense, the senator asked the protesters to organize new acts to increase popular pressure on the National Congress to open the impeachment process against Bolsonaro.

“There are crimes of responsibility, the CPI has been proving several other situations, but this is not enough for the impeachment of a President of the Republic. For this, the people on the street, the popular demonstration is necessary. The request for you today is that, in order for us to remove the president who, through incompetence, creates crises and creates imaginary enemies, this is the first of countless movements”, said the senator. “We are facing a president who is not only incompetent, but who is colluding with the worst in Brazilian politics, with the centrão and its corrupt policy that exchanges support for positions and ministries. I invoke democracy. It comes to the streets because the National Congress is moved by the will of the people”, he concluded.