Son of the president of the Casa de Rui Barbosa is found in Rio

Letícia Dornelles, president of the Casa de Rui Barbosa, used social media this Sunday (12) to report the disappearance of her son. She found it and announced it on Twitter at 4:56 pm.


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found son

Son of the president of the Casa de Rui Barbosa is found in Rio. Photo: Reproduction/Twitter

The boy is called Patrick Dornelles and is 11 years old.

Letícia wrote on her Twitter:

“Thank you from the heart! To everyone who helped to spread the word and search.

Thanks @PMERJ who located my son. Dianne, Pizzoto and Douglas, from Copacabana Presente. Ualason and De Soares from the 4th BPM, who were patrolling. Patrick never left alone or unannounced. I panicked. I suffer threats. Dianne recognized him a mile from here. He said he wanted ice cream.”

Very good.

Haddad in DCM

In an interview with DCM TV, the former mayor of São Paulo Fernando Haddad recalled the golden shower when talking about the coup by president Jair Bolsonaro.

According to the PT, Bolsonaro “is promising a coup he would like to do, but he won’t.”

“You see how many fantasy stories we’ve had in three years. From the golden shower to here, everything that happened in this country… It’s all a great golden shower”, he lamented.

Haddad stated that Brazilian society “is not that of 1964”, when the country’s military dictatorship began.

“The coup will not succeed, there will be a reaction. It’s no use imagining that this is the 60s. It won’t happen,” he said.