Strujik, from Leeds, gives hard entry and breaks leg of Elliott, from Liverpool


A sad scene marked the game between Leeds United and Liverpool this Sunday, for the English Championship The visitors rushed to attack at 12 minutes into the second half, when Strujik gave a cart from behind in the young Elliott, only 18 years old, causing a serious fracture in the attacker’s leg in the Elland Road.

The seriousness of the injury was immediately confirmed by Mohamed Salah, who was beside his partner for the counter-coup attempt. The Egyptian approached his companion to calm him down and immediately asked the doctors for help. And he’s already gone away, startled to see the young man’s leg broken in two parts.

Coach Jrgen Klopp was extremely indignant at the edge of the field. He shook his head in disapproval of the move and entered the field asking for the referee. The Leeds player was sent off after being charged by the German coach.

The Brazilian Raphinha tried to argue with the referee that his teammate had no intention of hurting his rival, but the move was too strong. Strujik was still watching the service, possibly regretting the excess of violence used in the bid. He left the desolate field, dejected and with a look of disbelief, also accusing the coup.

Service was swift, with doctors trying to calm Elliott. Usually in moves like this, the player goes out. The young man has not lost consciousness. He left the field on a stretcher, applauded by the audience present in the Leeds stadium and thanked for the strength received. Despite the support for the young rival, the crowd was quite irritated with the referee’s work, booing him in some moves and applauding him ironically when he took down fouls in favor of the team.