TCU auditor confirmed that he sent a document to his father via WhatsApp

TCU auditor confirmed that he sent a document to his father via WhatsApp

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The report used by Jair Bolsonaro, in June of this year, to distort the number of deaths by Covid reached the president via WhatsApp on a Sunday.

In the decision of the Federal Court of Accounts on the case, obtained by the antagonist, there is information that, on June 6, the auditor Alexandre Figueiredo Costa Silva Marques, suspended for 45 days, passed on to his father, via messaging application, the document — in Word format — which would be mentioned by Bolsonaro the following day.

The auditor is the son of a colonel friend of the President of the Republic.

TCU’s decision includes the following excerpt from the auditor’s interrogation:

“- It is a well-known fact, reported by several press vehicles, that the document produced for you it was passed on to your father, who passed it on to President Bolsonaro. you confirm this information?

– I confirm yes.”

On June 7, in his usual conversation with supporters, Bolsonaro said that “the so-called Federal Court of Accounts” would be “Questioning the number of deaths last year by Covid”.

“This report came out a few days ago, of course the press will not release it, we will release it here today”, added Bolsonaro, at the time.

The decision with mild punishment to the auditor also reports that “the news surprised ministers and servants of this House”. The document states that the rapporteurs of the processes related to the fight against the pandemic in TCU, Benjamin Zymler and Vital do Rêgo, “refuted the possibility of any decision of the Court in this regard, as well as informed that there would not be in the records that reported any document suggesting such a conclusion”.

In his defense, the auditor said that “it would not be necessary to foresee that his father would pass the text, shared only for discussion between them, to the President of the Republic and, even more, if the accused would have the predictability that the President of the Republic, distorting the nature of the text and content , disseminated it as if it were an official TCU document supporting the denial reasoning that so much propagates”.

TCU, which set up a commission to handle the case, defined the auditor’s conduct that resulted in the punishment: “transfer to the person outside the inspection team, the supervisors and the respective reporters a document entitled ‘On the overreporting of deaths caused by Covid’, containing a thesis not accepted by the inspection team of which the server was the supervisor, assuming the risk that the said document were used improperly and illegitimately as an official position of the institution it serves, compromising the image and honor of the Federal Court of Accounts, its ministers and its technical staff, whose conduct must be guided by independence and impartiality, not subject to external interference, whether political, ideological or economic”.

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